Monday, April 13, 2015

My new blog is now live!

Introducing.....Hopewell's Library of Life! 

My new blog is now live. It showcases my writing--my novels, my royal pieces and my essays on the Duggar family. My novels feature cross-generation love stories so the blog also will cover fictional and real older man--younger woman couples. Each week the blog will have a special topic each day.

Monday: Character biography and quote from my between the wars fiction series, Amberleigh.

Tuesday: Profile of a real or fictional cross-generational romance.

Wednesday: Character biography and quote from my1920's Indiana romance: Meat, Potatoes and Pie: A Midwestern Love Story.

Thursday: Quotes from my Commonplace book--that is quotes I love from books I've read.

Friday: Slice of life: My monthly book reviews, new Royal or Duggar posts or anything else.

Saturday: Occasionally on Saturday I will post something from my novella, The Engagement of Eddy and May, a story of Princess May and Prince Eddy.

Please join me at the new location. I also have a new Twitter name you can follow: HlibraryofLife

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