Thursday, June 19, 2014

A great book for families of teens!

Susan over at Girls in White Dresses has just reviewed an excellent new resource for teens by Dave Ramsey!! Click here to read her thoughtful review.

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Silvia said...

Well, I have to STUDY your post more carefully, but I see you went for the Ghost book... I read The Biography of a Germ instead, in the science well written story type of book.

I saw Gilead recommended at the AO forum, liked it, read it, and so did my friend Heather, and Jeanne read it because of us, and then you... book titles flow from all of us between the forum, FB, and blogs! LOL.

The same as with our beloved The King's General, I saw you loving it at Jeanne's FB, and I got it, and I am savoring it too.. I am in the last pages

The time when the rebel army takes their residence it's my favorite.