Friday, March 21, 2014

Hopewell's Bucket List, circa 2014

The "Bucket List" idea comes and goes with me. As of today, here is my official list. It isn't really for "before I die," but for the next decade or so. Last time I did this and took it seriously I had a great decade.

  1. Publish at least one of my 5 book projects.
  2. Get back into shape.
  3. Have a real emergency fund.
  4. Get one of my children to the stage of being self-supporting.
  5. Buy and maintain a home of my own again this time with built-in bookcases and a red room.
  6. Have my own home office with more built-in bookcases.
  7. Spend a year in the U.K.
  8. Visit the homes of T.R. and F.D.R. and Eleanor
  9. Meet someone I regularly post on my Tumblr blog.
  10. Learn to take a half-way decent photo.
  11. Buy a Ford Mustang.
  12. Go to cooking school in Tuscany or Sonoma County
  13. Meet one or more of my favorite authors.
  14. Learn how to sing enough that I don't embarrass myself.
  15. Return to learning German.

There are other things--a long, long list of Museums and historic sites I'd like to visit, for example. (This summer I was in the right end of Tennessee, but couldn't stay long enough to go to Biltmore, for example.) 

Feel free to leave a comment linking your own list, or just leave a comment with a few items on your list.

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Jeanne said...

I've never written a bucket list. Maybe I will...