Wednesday, February 19, 2014

'Milla's Diary, week ending 19 February 2014

NOTE: This is affectionately written fiction. Any resemblance to royals, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This piece is copyright protected.

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13 February 2014

The sort of crisis a wife dreads. Turns out we were out of Museli. The sort Dear One eats when we've had too much rich food. My Museli is not his Museli. You should realize this. Nor is it the type the under-housemaid buys and muches in front of the telly at night, nor the sort the under-Butler eats with bananas every morning. We tried. All were offered up. Not. His. Museli. Which he eats with one type of honey--I tried the old Mummy's trick of filling up the oh-my-God-how-expensive empty jar with the cheap stuff, but he could TELL. That took a week of seriously wifely jollying to get him over, I can tell you! This stuff comes from Finland. Organic. Free-Everything except price, of course. Can't just send someone round to Sainsbury's for it. It's mail order only. Apparently someone forgot to send the purchase request and the 40p off voucher. That someone was meant to be off to his time share in Ibizia Saturday, but not now. Not with the Union Steward seeing it CLEARLY ARTICULATED under "other duties..." I do hate it when these things happen.

14 Februrary 2014

My Valentine's gift (well, the public one) was well received. a hand-colored photo of Dear One with Queen Mary taken at Marlborough House in early 1951. He adored it--I knew he would. The other one had to wait for later. And, was it a hit! Since the boys got Dear One over his loathing of video games, he's quite enjoyed a few gaming sessions with them. Of course being very boozy helps them all, but male bonding is simply crucial, I always say! So when I saw this lovely bra & knickers set it simply screamed "Valentine's Day!" Bra cups have buttons just like an Xbox controller! What a hoot! And, for once, there was no early flashing of the "Game Over" signal!!

15 February 2014

Pip on the mobile very early. Very upset. Apparently his Valentine's gift did not amuse. Sent to his room. All he did was give her a naughty calendar featuring (ex-) members of the Brigade of Guards! Not even remotely funny. Deep freeze in that part of the Palace, so I'm told. Well what should he give the woman who wears the actual Crown Jewels? More jewelry? A voucher for a chair massage? Honestly! I sent the Filippino kitchen maid over to collect him and run him down to OAP day at the cinema. They were showing a few 40s hits and had a sing-song for after. Even had an vintage ice cream lady roaming the isle. Bit tricky, I understand, getting her walking frame and ice cream cart in synch. Had a lovely time. Then he got the brain box stuck between gears and gave out the cuff links he'd somehow had in his Barbour pocket as OBEs. The old dears were so chuffed. One of the younger oldies took a picture with her iPhone! Guarantee you none of this will warm BP up, but at least the old Dears got a good day out of it. He's such a lamb. Then on the way back they nipped thru drive-thru at McDonalds and tried that new thing that's all over telly. He was asleep when they got to the Equerries Entrance. Apparently he'd neglected the sign-out sheet and and all points bulletin was about to be issued.

16 February 2014

Got off to the country while Pip was at the cinema--the Filippino kitchen made kept me in the loop by text message--such a lamb. Must find more money somehow to pay her so she'll stay. Dear One is so much happier here in the country and it goes without saying that I'd rather be down here as well. He toddled off to his study to his big chair and footstool to read something ponderous on  who-knows-what while the dogs and I caught up the Street in the sitting room. I did rouse him for a jolly nice walk before lunch though--the dogs were pining for some outdoor time! Didn't get to ride--weather was too beastly, but the dogs and I did go for a visit with the horses. Lovely to spend time with them as always. Dear One itching for garden season to start as always at this time of year.
Lovely quiet time at home pottering about and having a nice dinner in front of the telling in our jimjams. This is the life.

17 February 2014

Another lovely quiet day at home in the country. Oh how we've needed this!!! The long Christmas holiday is anything but--too much family to make it restful. With a tour coming up we need all of these days we can get. Had a grand tea before the off to London. Dear One almost teary-eyed over the thoughtfulness of it all. Mind you, none of it was done in house, but it was simply lovely none-the-less. A fine Dundee cake, egg and cress and salmon sandwiches, granary toast with lovely butter and homemade jam or marmalade. Dear One was in heaven! I had an opera on in the background. Soothed him so perfectly for the drive back to the city.

Sadly, the peace could not last. We sat with the engine switched off for two hours behind an accident. Got a bit tricky with all of us, the protection officer and driver included, needing a wee, but we managed. Dear One got a bit twitchy with boredom so I got us all playing a word game the children and I used to play in the car. What a hoot! They simply adored it. Day saved, of course, by One. Can't have a car load of bored men and no decent wi-fi now can we?

At breakfast Dear One was called to the "real" phone as he calls it. Did he recall that Randy's birthday was Wednesday? Randy has had such a stressful winter couldn't Dear One please make a lovely fuss over him? Honestly!! A country and commonwealth to long (and oh boy how long!) reign over and she's fussing over a 54 year old man's birthday?? Set Dear One up for a proper teeth gnash, I can tell you. If you ask me, and I'm sure she won't, Randy needs LESS fuss made over him, not more. Still I had the cards out to be signed, filled Dear One in on the present (a set of Clint Eastwood movies on blue ray that I my daughter found at the local parish Bring and Buy for me) and golf book from Dear One that was on special offer at the store where my son was signing books a year ago. My children really are helpful when it comes to this sort of shopping. Imagine the press seeing me buying gifts at the parish Bring and Buy? It would never end! We'd she SWMNBN buying Waterford Crystal or Dior Gowns or something because she was so bleeding attention seeking utterly thoughtful. I'd be labeled cheap for years. Even if it WAS for Randy! Dear One harumphed at the gifts (always a good sign, I find) and then was off to his daily round.

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Susan said...

Ha -- loved the line about a car load of men and no decent wi-fi :) I missed that today was Randy's b'day -- happy day to him!