Wednesday, October 09, 2013

'Milla's Diary, week ending October 9, 2013

NOTE: This is affectionately written fiction. Any resemblance to royals, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This piece is copyright protected.

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October 3, 2013

Quick visit from daughter and the Grands! What a treat! Dear One surprised me with it. He's such a lamb. Of course there was that slight difficulty when Grand #2 wanted to drag the Proper Pooh blanket around the place! Nanny never allowed dragging of shawls or blankets! After breathing into a brown paper bag for a few minutes though, Dear One calmed down and tried to see it all as cute. Practicing for when Baby visits, you see.

I decided it was not worth the effort to get the staff to do lunch, so daughter and I just loaded up the children and went down the village for a quick bite to eat. Not the pub, didn't need it getting in the American press that I took my grands to a "bar." Still, I alerted the ladies at the old broads table and everyone made an excuse to troop in and see them. Such lovely new friends, I must say!

In the evening daughter and I let the Grands run wild (Dear One was locked in the study with Elgar on the hi-fi going full throttle) while we re-watched Sunday's Downton! So much more fun watching with a woman, I always think. Men don't really appreciate all the UNDERCURRENTS, do they? Want everything to be simple--like sport. Well, not Dear One--but certainly MOST men, soldiers especially. Soldiers like simple things on the telly--sport and sex, good fighting and, naturally,  silly games. All good clean fun! We ladies want to worry about why Edith said this or why Cora is so or....well, you get the idea, I'm sure. Dear One just sighs and longs for the old days when a Norkfolk jacket was a badge of authority and a title meant something.

October 4, 2013

Saw daughter and grands off to the airport. Too short of a visit of course, but wifely duties wait for no woman. And leaving a handsome young man--however loving and devoted--alone in the wilds of London.....doesn't bear thinking. Of course he's marvelous, her husband! Still, one worries.

Dear One spent the morning inspecting the bathtub navy and assorted other items for billable damage. Thankfully nothing serious. I persuaded him the ding on the bottom of HMY Britannia had been there for literally years--as long as I've been sailing with the bathtub navy  at any rate. Crisis averted and day saved by ONE!

October 5, 2013

Dear One quite chuffed with Haza's excellent reception down under. The lad is doing a marvelous job and as yet no phone calls on which news stories to ignore or not believe. Papa and Grandpapa insisting on super glue for his zipper must have been taken as read. Such a relief! Still, he's a marvelous young man--One so wants to mother him! A soldier is always a Mummy's dream son really. Not that I'm saying anything against my own son! Far be it! He' s simply brilliant--read his books and articles!! No need for soldiering in his life and that's as it should be. But Haza's a born soldier! Right sort, that boy (as is my boy, of course!).

October 6, 2013

Lovely evening of Strictly! Marvelous from start to finish! Perfect ending to a lovely day. Dear One and I spent the day out rambling. Had to leave the dogs at home--too small for such days poor dears. Lovely time, sandwiches and flasks in pockets, then a marvelous big tea at a shelter later. Took something short of an order signed by the Mother-in-law, but the staff managed to deliver the hamper and all the bbq bits and pieces to the shelter we'd chosen on time. Had a hilarious time roasting sausages on sticks. Quite a suggestive activity when you've exhausted yourself tramping over half of Scotland and bolstered your courage with Old Grouse the whole way! What a hoot! Dear One reluctant to get too carried away. Some sort of paparazzi type was apprehended near the Castle. Wouldn't want a photo op for the ages--not with our bare old bums in it anyway! We saved the celebrating for after Strictly!

Dear One's reverie interrupted as soon as we walked into the house with his Mobile blaring. The Mother-in-law. Color simply vanished from his face as ice filled his eyes. Then hilarity. Laughing like I haven't heard in ages. She adored the speech the Boy will give at the football "do" tomorrow at the Palace. Right sort of humor. Dear One quite proud as he'd suggested one bit. Yummy got credit, apparently, for another bit.

October 7, 2013

Usual Sunday night with the Crawleys! And WHAT A NIGHT!! Dear One in floods of tears--reminded me of poor Sybil all over again. Oh what I wouldn't say to that Fellows Johnny if he came round right now! And that lovely trifle all spoiled by the storyline. I must say, I did heartily endorse the friend's son as Mary's potential bedmate. That Sweet Matthew wouldn't have kept her happy for long! This chap seems made for the voyage though! Poor Edith....... Even the dogs seem to sigh when she's on now.

OTH rang up afterwards--she knows we watch, so considerate of her. Apparently the Equerry is a fan, too, and couldn't manage a stiff upper lip, though of course she, being totally her parent's child, did.

October 8, 2013

Dear One rang up both boys--so proud! The Boy did a lovely job at his football thingy and Haza, as always, is a darling to the folks down under. Got a lovely update on Baby--growing out of his clothes apparently. New parents are always caught off guard by this, aren't they. A bit of a tense exchange, apparently, between Boy and Yummy during the call, but a man who's having to go solo for quiet a bit gets a tad ...tense? Irritable? In my day it's when the serious drinking got started. Can't have one pleasure so you take the other--and take it a bit too seriously. The Boy is far to sensible for this though. Dear One so wise. Suggested nice long swims or runs each day. Boy seemed resigned to this which is good. Sensible.

Haza promising the zipper trouble has been glued and that there won't be an tittle-tattle in the red top press. Dear One had to say, just had to, "so long as there's also nothing in the legitimate press." Well, Haza has a bit of a temper, doesn't he? Apparently the connection was lost. Dear One not sure. I assured him calling from Aus was dicey. And, Haza has so excellent manners. Even SWMNBN wouldn't have agreed with him hanging up on Papa! Finally got a call back thru to him an hour later. Seems his phone was knocked out of his hand accidentally. Didn't work for a little while. I'm thinking "wink, wink" here, but haven't said that to Dear One of course. Haza's such a lamb.

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