Monday, July 22, 2013

I did some traveling this weekend! Before I left for the weekend, though, I met "in person," for the first time, my blogging friend Susan of "Girls in White Dresses." Word: Soul Mate! But then we pretty much knew that!!
On Saturday I went to BATES Country!

(No, I certainly did not go by the house or crash their Church service! That would be tacky!)

I didn't go down there to see the Bates--I went to meet another blogging friend, Jeanne of "A Peaceful Day."  Just like with Susan, the phrase that pays is SOUL MATE. So wonderful to meet someone from the otherside of the world who shares so many of my own interests! And, as an extra few bonuses I also met someone else I know online from back when we did homeschool, her family and Jeanne's lovely daughter as well! 

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