Monday, December 03, 2012

Congratulations William and Catherine!

Dear Happy Couple (aka, William and Catherine)


Please think long and hard about what you name a daughter.
We'll understand if you chose "Camilla" because it's always been your favorite name, but "Diana," would be a total burden for the poor kid.

Let's check out a few other family names:

Mary? Good, but it's currently in use as the future queen of Denmark.

Victoria? Almost as hard to follow as Dia
na and happily is in use by the future queen of Sweden.

Charlotte? Would have been perfect but your smarmy Uncle Charlie Spencer took for his next-to-be-deserted daughter.

Elizabeth? A bit too soon to try to follow Granny.

Alexandra? It's open. Alexandra Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

 Now for a boy. (And, personally, I'm praying you only have boys to avoid the Diana worship that will ensue the moment a female chromosome is recognized.)

The only choice, to my mind, is PHILIP--got it?
Philip Albert Charles William has a darned Royal ring to it, don't you think.

Don't doubt me, William. Had your father not stuck "Arthur" in there I had your names correctly guessed before your mother was in maternity clothes!
I am praying you are soon well, Catherine. It isn't fun to be stuck in a hospital when the whole world is rejoicing at your news.

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