Monday, March 26, 2012

Downton Abbey Season 3 Suggestions

I have purposefully NOT read anything that might spoil Season 3 next year! But, here are my ideas for what should go on next season. Feel free to leave comments with your own ideas, wishes and predictions for the show. (I also posted these at "Heros and Heartbreakers"

1. I hope Edith gets Sir Anthony--she's earned someone and seems to genuinely care for him. Her father will be horrified, ("dull as paint" and all) but I think SHE would want him and Cora and Violet will be satisfied--Cora especially who never gave her a chance.

2. I hope Sybil's baby will be born at Downtown--the unease with Branson back would be fabulous!

3. If Maggie Smith has not signed on for Season 4 then a stroke as a cliff hanger for Season 4.

4. I never bought Robert & Jane, but I think he'll run into her on a train or something and have a torrid affair which will result in the son who cannot inherit the pile.

5. Bates & Anna--O'Brien, out of guilt and as "insurance" for the future, will get something that helps free him.

6. Thomas--his homosexuality will not bother Robert who is as an ex-Public (private) school boy quite used to such guys. However, he'll try something that goes wrong and will lose Robert's new-found trust.

7. Sir Richard may reappear in a dastardly way. On the eve of the wedding or similar!

8. Isabelle will find a do-gooder liberal MP or such who will want to marry her.

I am anxious to see what Shirley McLaine's character (Cora's mother) will add--hopefully she'll take on Maggie Smith head-on and together they'll shut out overly-earnest cousin Isabelle.


Jeanne said...

You're funny, Lisa!

Jennifer Aguiar said...

i love this show,i can't waiting for downton abbey season 4 dvd box set ,so i want to buy the dvd and watch it