Monday, February 06, 2012

Congratulations, Ma'am!

60 years ago today, Elizabeth II became Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth (as it is known today). Well done, Ma'am!

Even though I'm an American, and glad I don't pay for them, I still admire Her Majesty for her dedication and devotion to duty. Be honest now, how many of us would keep the same job for 60 years??

Just like the rest of us, she can't pick her family. Good thing she has all those cute corgis, devoted Labrador Retrievers and sweet horses to dote on. Now if one son could step out of the Edwardian era, another get off the tax payers planes and the third grow up and live in a reasonably sized home the poor lady might have some peace! Thank heavens she has a sensible, non-nonsense daughter and some grandchildren who understand the real world!

Thank heavens, too, that Price Philip is still beside here. Diana only thought she had a "rock." Elizabeth could take out a patent.


Susan said...

Very nice! Hard to think of a single bad thing to say about QEII - she is quite the lady. I wouldn't even mind paying for her, were I a Brit. She probably costs them less than Michelle Obama costs us :)Long may she live and reign!

Hopewell said...

A lot of the Obamas cost is the Secret Service just like much of the Queen's expense is security, too. Sadly, that's not going to change.

HoganWorld said...

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