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Countdown to Christmas....favorite movies!

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I started this series off with a book turned into a movie, but today I'm listing my all-time favorite Christmas movies!!

Number One Favorite Christmas Movie:

1. The Bishop's Wife. How can you top a movie with BOTH David Niven AND Cary Grant?? You can't, right?? Niven is stuffy-full-of-himself Episcopal Bishop. Cary Grant is Dudley, the answer to his prayers. That's right, an Angel sent down to help the Bishop. There are wonderful whimsical touches in this movie that I won't spoil by pointing out. The angel flirts with being a mortal man, but in the end sticks to the angel's creed. David Niven, so pompous you want to stick a pin in him, finds out the true meaning of faith but never relaxes. Here's a wonderful scene with Cary Grant:

The daughter is the only weak element--she should have been seen and not heard. She's like a rush of corn syrup. Gratefully, she's a small part. Love the dog. Like most older Christmas movies this one is unapologetic about mentions of the Gospel and I'm all for that. Add in Grant and Niven and the kind of body language only those two could give and you have a fabulous film. [This was remade with Whitney Houston as the wife. It was a very nice modernization that encourages adoption. I liked it, but it doesn't have the class of Niven and Grant.]

2. White Christmas Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye sing and dance thru this fluffy piece. It's worth it for the looks Bing and Kaye exchange in the "drag" (not really cross-dressing just a little fun) scene. Love the spirit of this movie!

3. Joyeux Noel The story of the voluntary Christmas truce in World War I. Poignant story with an excellent cast. Nobel action rewarded with dire consequences.

4. Christmas with the Kranks which I reviewed earlier.

5. Home Alone (the original one). Just plain fun. Just plain cute kid. Love the house. Love the grocery store scene and so much more.

The Runner Up:

Stewart learns Mary's fate

Stewart confronts Mary the spinster

6. It's a Wonderful forward to the scene I like. Jimmy Stewart is finding out what life would have been like had he not been born. There's his wife.....a dried up spinster....the town's LIBRARIAN. I love it! The rest of the movie is ok--it's just been hyped to death. Typical of the era the kids are horrible--just awful little babies.

And the Rest....

Santa Claus the Movie, Elf and the Santa Clause all of which would be on the kid's lists.

The total losers i.e. the ones I watch only if socially stuck with them!

The Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation. Spare me! I won't even LINK to them!

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My sister LOVES the Bishop's Wife:)

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