Thursday, December 08, 2011

Countdown to Christmas: Must-see tv!

For most of the last 10 years we have had, at best, only for-free "broadcast" tv. Now we don't even have that! Still, the show must go on! It's Christmas and there are a few "must see" Christmas specials. Like many parents I bought a lot of vhs tapes and dvds when my kids were younger. While I stupidly tossed our vhs tapes (including many documentaries I'd taped that have yet to appear on youtube--a loss only to me, I'm sure!) not knowing we'd be given a tv with a built in v.c.r. long afterwards. So with no satellite, no cable, no broadcast tv we watch favorites on dvd from our collection or from the library. For me there are a still a few must see tv specials:

1. Charlie Brown's Christmas. The original. Not the stupid new one about a puppy. The one with Linus telling the Christmas Story in King James language. The one with the pitiful tree and Snoopy winning the decorating contest. THAT Charlie Brown.

Part III

2. Garfield's Christmas. It's about Grandma, ok? Garfield gets it right. Plus Odie comes out looking like he has a real brain and an even bigger real heart. And who can resist the idea of a "woodburning cat??!" Part I and Part II (part III is linked above)

Part I

3. The Homecoming. This was the pilot for the "Waltons" and the CBS affiliate in Indianapolis played it for years at Christmas time. I gave up lunch for two days to snatch up the dvd when I saw it at Wal-Mart or Target several years ago. It was one of the few good impulse purchases I've ever made. It has all the same kids, but many of the adults are different--and sometimes much better. Example of better: Patricia Neal. She was way more believable as a prim Southern Baptist mother in the 1930's then Michael Learned could ever be. The house, too, was way more believable than the sprawling Midwestern farm house the Waltons would inhabit in the tv show for all those years. I love this movie. The clueslessly bootlegging Baldwin sisters, the African American minister played by Clevon Little, and of course, the priceless, super-pious missionary who rejects Africa for the heathens of the Blue Ridge Mountains!! Part I linked above. Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII.

No Rudolph? No, we had it on vhs! Sorry! I still love it though!

Tomorrow: The must-see movies. I started this series off with the first of them HERE.


dstb said...

I was going to give you a list of my favorites, but then I realized I don't know which are TV versus movies. Maybe after you share your movie list, I'll share my list.

We definitely like Charlie Brown. I forgot about showing the kids The Homecoming. I loved Ralph Waite and Will Geer as John and Zebulon Walton, so I was never as thrilled with this show. Worth watching with the kids though. Probably should find a Little House one to watch, too.

Never saw the Garfield show. (Sorry to the crazy cat lady. I am more of a dog person. Hope that doesn't taint our relationship!)


Hopewell said...

Sarah--I can let it go since you're a regular here! lol......

There are several Little House Christmas specials--they were repackaged on dvd several years ago. They should be on you tube or cheap used on Amazon. I look forward to your list!