Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Countdown to Christmas: a few of my many favorite children's Christmas books: Living Books edition

Back when P and B were little I wrapped a kleenex box in pretty Christmas wrapping paper and filled it with 24 slips of paper. On each slip was the name of a Christmas book, or an activity, or a Christmas show or movie. They took turns each night pulling out the slip for that night's treat. Today I'm sharing with you a few of those books--they are not in any order of preference.

The Christmas Cat, with Tasha Tudor's wonderful illustrations personifies the type of gentle, warm, caring book children need at bedtime. Once we'd read our Bible story, we'd gather OUR Christmas cats (Ok, only Stanley, for poor Livingston's nerves couldn't handle the kids for long at that age!) and we'd read this wonderful story. This is a Charlotte Mason-style living book in every possible way. A rich story, tremendous illustrations, and so gentle.

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathon Toomey is among that rare genre--a true instant classic. This, too, is a gentle, warm story more-than-worthy of the title "living book." We read this aloud time and time again. We also LOVED the cd of it. Many cold November or December night we'd listen to this on the long drive home from Scouts. What a fabulous story! The little boy pushing the gruff stranger to make his new nativity "just so" in order to try to replace what has been lost. The man, too, has suffered loss--an even greater one. Oh the work God does in this story!

Oh how we loved this story!! This is the sweetest, most awe-inspiring story of all times. The little lamb with who protects the Lamb of God that first night. If you do not have this story, then please, please order it. I won't make a penny if you click on the link and order it. Just do it because you love the Lord and love your children. It's that special. The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado.


Susan said...

Oooh ... I always love a compilation of good kids' books. Haven't heard of the first two; my mom loves Tasha Tudor so I'll have to tell her about that one. I, too, love The Christmas Lamb. An absolute favorite that I discovered just a few years back is "A Small Miracle."

Hopewell said...

You MUST read Jonathon Toomey!! And the Christmas Cat too if you are a pet person. I'll take a look for the Small Miracle.....

dstb said...

Well, first let me start with Advent. Our kids loved the book Jotham's Journey by Arnold Ytreeide. It is a book for advent, with a chapter to read each night. Very exciting. After we had read Jotham a couple of years, we got another of his books called Bartholomew's Passage. Same story, told from another character's perspective.

Christmas favorites include Night Tree by Eve Bunting. I love Ted Rand's illustrations.

Christmas Tapestry by Patricia Polacco always makes me cry.

One of the boys' all time favorites was Santa Calls by William Joyce.

We used to have a copy of Jonathan Toomey, but I suspect I donated it to the library book sale. Oh well.


Susan said...

Just read Jonathan Toomey - loved it! Thank you!