Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Best Christmas : Some FUN LINKS! Updated to include FREE COOKBOOK!!!

Another new badge by Isabel! Just had to try it out!

STOP THE PRESSES!!! A Fun Link just got more FUN!! Lizzie's got a great way to get her special Christmas Cookbook FREE. Yes F-R-E-E!!!!!

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How about a nice Christmas Cookbook? Lizzie has her lovely Visions of Sugar Plums cookbook ON sale a very reasonable price AND, if you post about the sale, you can get a FREE copy of the COOKBOOK!!!

I (Lizzie) have my cookbook on sale in my Etsy shop for $2.50 until Christmas-free shipping. I only listed a few copies on Etsy right now–if they all sell out, no worries! I can list more right away.

If you post about my sale on your blog, I will send you a free copy. If you already have a copy you can send me an email address of a friend or blog reader and I will send it to them as a gift from you.

The fine print–

1. Post about the Etsy sale on your blog make sure to include a link to my Etsy shop! You can copy the review in my listing–on Etsy. Please include that the sale is valid through December 24th,–that it is an e-book– and that it’s free shipping.

You can sample her Sweet Potato Pie recipe to help you decide! Makes a great Christmas gift for the cooks in your life!

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PEPPERMINT Red Velvet Cake!! Now that would be truly festive! Thanks to $5 Dinners for the link to this great looking desert recipe.

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Homestead Revival has several beautiful, natural ideas for Advent Wreaths and Candles. I like the way they are bringing nature in doors and yet keeping the spirit of the Holy Spirit in the holiday. I'd like any one of these for my table.Link

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How's this for BEAUTIFUL!! There's more delicious, luscious and lovely pomegranite photos and a recipe at A Country Farmhouse. Pomegranite is a tradition in our family at Thanksgiving, but I forgot it this year, so we'll have it at Christmas in some way.

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Do you love glass Christmas ornaments? I do--they're so beautiful, but....a tad fragile for a 3-tree- climbing-cat household! Still, what could be better than an entire blog devoted to them? Blown Glass Ornaments has photos of some amazingly delicate and beautifully decorated glass Christmas ornaments.

My review of the Help.....


A Dusty Frame said...

Thanks for linking to my cookbook:)!

Susan said...

Thanks for the neat links, and thanks as well for your generosity in sharing/linking for others. You are a true light in the online world!!

Hopewell said...

Thanks, Susan!