Friday, December 09, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Best Christmas Humorous Piece

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I was at my desk one morning not long before Christmas of 1992. I had the radio on since, like most of my jobs, I was pretty isolated and lonely. On Morning Edition on NPR I heard this unbelievable story start to unfold. Then I started to laugh. I, like much of America, was being introduced to the incomparable David Sedaris and part-time job as an Elf in Santaland at Macy's. The rest, as they say, was history.

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Now a best-selling author and iconic figure, Sedaris's big break-thru came on NPR that day. Happily, it was such a hit it has been rebroadcast many times. You can listen to it on the N.P.R. web site. I listen to it annually and am never disappointed by it!

[NOTE: this piece is for Grown Ups. It contain suggestive language and attitudes. Parents will want to preview this.]

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Susan said...

I need to listen to this! I love his books; he is really hilarious. The most memorable is his essay about the turd in the toilet that wouldn't flush when he was visiting .... :)