Thursday, November 17, 2011

My first ever review of a graphic novel

I haven't given much thought to graphic novels. I tried, I really, really TRIED to read Persepolis, but couldn't stay the course. The graphics got in the way. They were not merely distracting, but actually annoying. It was that way with any graphic novel I picked up. Then I stumbled up The Night Bookmobile. The graphics made sense. They weren't jarring. The added a special "something" to a great story.

As you know I'm a librarian, but aside from a few months here and there I've never worked in a public library. If I did, and didn't have to drive it, I would LOVE to work in a mobile library. I could spend days telling you all why this is, but I'll stick to reviewing this marvelous little book for now.

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The Night Bookmobile, tells the story of an avid reader who, in at a bad moment in her life, stumbles upon the Night Bookmobile and it's fabulous collection. The librarian is inspiring, too! (I love a good strong hero!) But, here's where this leaves the realm of picture books and flings itself head-first into the darker world of graphic novels for grown-up: her wish to work in Harry Potterish Night Bookmobile requires a sinister step.......Too tell more would spoil it for you all! And, I KNOW, you will go out and read this incredible little story.

A classic tale of love, independence, dependence, loss and gain.

The Night Bookmobile, by Audrey Niffenegger

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