Thursday, August 25, 2011

Links & more links Green Living & Buttermilk edition!


Tired of buying gallons of that white glop known as ranch dressing?? You know the stuff that acts like latex paint when left in, say, a bowl or coffee cup after late night carrot munching? Here's a recipe to make it from scratch that sounds really good! Quick & Easy Buttermilk Ranch Dressing/Dip. And, if there's buttermilk left over make one of my all-time favorite cookies Buttermilk Cookies or our Easter breakfast--German Pancake with Buttermilk Syrup.

Some GREEN ideas!

Homemade cloth & plastic sandwich wrapper! Looks like a good project--you could reuse, say, an old cotton shirt, for the fabric. And, who doesn't have too many plastic grocery bags!

A great GREEN idea for any community--both green and helpful. The Homeless Garden Project.

What we can learn from the French--a great post on the green ways the French go shopping.

Home Organization--Great Idea!

Use a lot of spray bottles? Here's a great way to store them that is so simple it rates a hard head smack! Tension Rod Storage Idea.

A Great Way to Cool Off!

No need to run to Sonic for over-priced fun-flavored drinks! The Mennonite Girls who Can Cook offer a beautiful looking and sounding recipe for Watermelon LimeAid I'm looking forward to trying these soon before watermelon season is over.


Jeanne said...

We don't have Ranch Dressing over here. The homemade version looks mighty fine though. Yum. What do I have it on as well as carrot? Don't worry, I'll google.

Jeanne said...

Ooh - lots of ideas at the end of the recipe! Even more yum!

Hopewell said...

Use it for a dip. Or in tuna salad (sorry, tuna mayonaise. And to dip raw veggies in. Kids will eat anything they can dip in it, I think. Also good instead of tomato sauce on pizza with chicken, bacon, green onions and cheese. It's ubiquitous here--even Cool Ranch Doritos (corn chips/crisps)!