Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A new resource for Charlotte Mason fans

Let me say first that I was contacted by the author of the annotations in this book in the hopes of spreading the word about his book. I was not asked, but volunteered to review it here. I was not paid for this, but was given access to the full text.

Pastor and homeschool Dad Benjamin Bernier has collected and annotated a series of "Scale How Meditations" written by Miss Mason in 1898.

[They] comprise a verse by verse commentary on the first seven chapters of the Gospel according to St. John delivered as Sunday talks by Charlotte Mason to her disciples at the House of Education, and mailed to subscribers during the year 1898. (p.3)

"Scale How" was the name of her home in Ambleside and the meditations are of the type she favored for Sunday afternoon. Miss Mason took the Sabbath seriously and no ordinary work was done after Church.

Many parents have turned to Miss Mason and her literature-rich way of teaching as a model for homeschool. (I am one such parent.) She saw education as "divine" (p.3) and saw no distinction

...between Christian and secular education for true education is the same for all, giving a person the opportunity to learn and enjoy the best in all things for the glory of God (p. 3-4).

This book will be a valuable source of inspiration to parents at any stage of the Charlotte Mason education journey.

To purchase a copy (I do not receive any money for providing this link) click HERE.

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Leonie said...

Wow, this looks interesting. And a good book to read in snippets on a Sunday afternoon.