Saturday, February 05, 2011

Wee bit of fairy dust

A small North Carolina town features a gentle giant, a well-to-do family of night-time recluses and wallpaper that changes pattern! Emily Benedict arrives in town for her senior year and has to face a lot of difficult charges hurled against her beloved cause-loving mother. Which one is the real mother: the one she remembers of the one the town knew?? Can old taboos be broken? This story is delightful with just touch of fantasy. Like the author's previous work, Garden Spells, food--this time cakes--take on a new role as a genuine "character" in the story. The Girl Who Chased the Moon.


Becky said...

For whatever reason, this made me think of the book: Juniper, Gentian and Rosemary by Pamela Dean which you might enjoy.

Hopewell said...

I'll take a look for it! Thanks!