Monday, February 14, 2011

A Very Modern Royal Wedding

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Earlier, I posted about the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The couple has finally announced the members-to-be of their wedding party. There are some interesting names and titles proving that this couple is pretty up-to-date--even "modern."

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For starters, there are the bridesmaids. Pippa Middleton will be her sister's maid of honor. Not a shock to Americans, but British weddings, especially in the upper reaches of society, tend to feature children in the wedding party and Miss Pippa is 27 or so.
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Then there is the daughter of William's uncle, Prince Edward. Lady Louise Windsor is only very rarely seen in public--usually at the Trooping the Colour balcony call or an annual vacation photo.

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But the truly interesting bridesmaid is 3 year old Eliza Lopes who is, WAIT FOR IT!, the granddaughter of William's step-Mum, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Talk about "with it" or "modern" [well, ok, or maybe Papa DID say "It would mean so much to Cam......"].

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The other little girls are the late Princess Margaret's granddaughter Margarita Armstrong-Jones and William's goddaughter, Grace Van Cutsem, whose uncle was a page at the wedding of Charles & Diana.

The page boys too add an element of "independent thinking." Tom Pettifer is the son o f Tiggy Legge-Bourke, the former "assistant" to Prince Charles who morphed into a big-sister/nanny for the boys after Diana was killed in 1997. It's well known that Diana had no love of Tiggy. The other boy will be William Lowther-Pinkerton son of William's private secretary--a traditional source for wedding and royal event pages.

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Noticeable by their absence are members of William's famed maternal "blood family." Although Earl Spencer has two young children of perfect age for wedding duties, neither were asked (of course it could be their mother, now an EX-Countess, wouldn't allow it). Nor were any of the older Spencer relations of William and Harry's own generation asked to be in the party.

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Missing, too, are the daughters of Uncle Andrew and ever-controversial his ex-, Sarah Ferguson. Beatrice, likely to be the next royal to get engaged given the longevity of her boyfriend Dave Clark, and sister Eugenie were not included in the wedding party. Granted as I've already said, it's generally children not young adults in the line-up.

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Finally, like his disgraced Great-Great Uncle the Duke of Windsor, William will have a common "best man," brother Harry, as opposed to supporters. Given only one royal male his own age (that is, Prince Harry) this is a pretty obvious one.

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There are semi-royal cousins [i.e. the heir of the Duke of Gloucester, Lord Ulster and the Duke of Kent's eldest grandson, Lord Downpatrick, or, heaven help us, Princess Michael's son Freddy, but it's doubtful they'd make the cut.]

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Still, I WAS surprised that Peter Phillips was not to be William's second supporter. Now only HOW many more days till the wedding??

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Jeanne said...

Ooh, yes!

I do like this royal round-up Lisa style!

Susan said...

LOVE this - but you knew I would :) I wrote an article over at AC (too fast; I wrote that Louise was Andrew's instead of Edward's although I totally knew that!). I found the choices really interesting as well - anxious to actually see Louise, still curious about Tiggy's son and find it interesting how similar Tiggy and Kate look. Also Camilla's grandchild .... hmmmm. Neat that Margaret has a grandchild/namesake! I volunteered to fill a library showcase in April with royal wedding memorabilia - hey, you should do that at your library! :)

Hopewell said...

The Tiggy/Kate thing has been remarked upon in the press a few years ago! But then, Camilla looks similar to one of Charles' nannies, too!

Margaret has 4 Grandchildren, Charles and Margarita Armstrong-Jones and Samuel and Arthur Chatto. Arthur is a Page for Her Majesty at event like State Opening of Parliament. Arthur and Samuel's Dad, Daniel once played Prince Andrew in a Chuck & Di love story movie!!!

Good suggestion about the library--my Mom works there and I'll suggest it! I have a Wedgewood plate of Chuck & Di's wedding.

mykids mom said...

Very nice!! I remember getting up in the night to watch Diana's wedding, with my mom. Can't wait to see this one!

Anonymous said...

Hi.. Please remove my copyrighted pic of pageboy Tom Pettifer fishing with his mum Tiggy. To my knowledge you have not purchased a license to use it. Ta. Jay Williams, Photographer