Monday, February 21, 2011

A Modern-Day Sense and Sensibiliy

Joseph and Betty Weissman have been married nearly 50 years when Joseph decides to divorce Betty for reasons that never become clearer than that he found a younger woman [with whom he appears to be not really attached] to share his life. Betty and her two grown daughters move in together at a beach cottage and sustain each other thru the financial trails of getting the divorce settled in Betty's favor. A series of coincidental meetings that stretches way, way past credulity drive the story forward. In spite of this being a politically correct novel of top rank, it did not rankle. I won't say anything that spoils it about WHY it's so-pc because, for once, such things were done in an almost tasteful manner. This is a good one to throw on the pile to take to the pool this summer or to recommend to a "for-fun" book club. It's not high-brow literature, but it is a good-enough read and it does provide a few good laughs.

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