Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Excellent WWII book

And if I Perish... is especially interesting to me because it follows my Grandfather's path thru World War II from the invasion of North Africa all the way to the Battle of the Bulge and then some. The women who went into combat zones to nurse, with no military training, were truly amazing "soldiers" who let nothing stop them from caring for their patients--even when those patients were the most strident SS Officer-POWs. They knew how to politely and effectively demand respect from anyone. The amazing hardships they endured, the almost non-stop work and danger, all developed more character than even the most gun-shot plagued urban Emergency Room of today could do.

This is easily a 5 star book!

Before Christmas, I read We Band of Angels, an equally harrowing account of the Army and Navy nurses on Bataan. Amazingly, there were two sisters--one in Europe, the other the on Bataan, both serving as nurses. You can read my post on the Angels, here. Another 5 star book.


Susan said...

Oooh ... sounds good! I just started one about the kids of Los Alamos ... WWII atomic bomb project. Very interesting!
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Hopewell said...

Thanks for the tip--also I think the book sounds VERY interesting, too.