Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Christmas Delight

It was pure coincidence that I reached "Visions of Sugar Plums" in the Stephanie Plums series during Christmas week! A delightful coincidence? "Dam* Skippy"--as Lula would say. Grandma Mazur dating a Senior Citizen Stud Muffin? Perfect sis Valerie a mess? A "Ranger-Angel"known as Diesel hanging out with Stephanie? How could pass up a Christmas like this! Throw in Randy Briggs--one of my favorite Plum FTAs [failure to appear in court--the guys she tracks down as a bounty hunter], the ever loving Joe Marelli, a villain named "Ring" and an elf cookie riot and you've got a pleasant way to destress after the too-crowded, too-picked over Mall. This one looks likely to go on my permanent Christmas reading list with "Skipping Christmas" and "The Joyous Season."

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Jeanne said...

Might join you in reading this next year.