Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2010 Holiday Reading Challenge

I will be RE-reading two of my all--time "holiday" books:

The Joyous Season by Patrick Dennis, happily back in print. Think "Nanny Diaries of 1963." but with really decent parents! "Old" New York Society family and the fallout of a Christmas disaster you'll never forget. (Makes you re-think the whole idea of EVER giving a kid a squirt gun, too!)

Skipping Christmas by John Grisham. Parts of this book are so eeerily reminicent of my own life that I shake my head in wonder. My daughter and I will likely watch the movie again, too, since we love it.

I will also re-read some of my favorite kids stories--my all-time favorite being a little story in a book given to my grandmother as a child, "Christmas in the Mousehole." Others to be re-read include How Santa Got His Job, The Christmas Cat,

The cats and I will enjoy James Herriot's Christmas Day Kitten:

Generally we also have some giggles singing [to the cats, of course] their favorite
CATMAS Carols:

Round that off with a re-read of the Christmas Carol by Dickens and the story of Jesus's birth in the Bible.

Want to join this challenge? You can read the particulars here.

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Monica said...

to read the particulars HERE link isn't working. Sounds interesting. I love Christmas readings!