Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grade 10 World Geography

First, hats off to Barb at Harmony Art Mom for putting together such a great plan and posting it! Here is how I've "tweaked" and personalized this for P this year! Geography will be the main focus for this year--much of our literature and writing, music and art will be tied to this course. He will also be studying physical geography for a complete look at the world. This will culminate in the AP Human Geography test if practice tests indicate success. [He really likes the idea of getting to earn credit by examination and the schools we are looking at accept such credits with a certain score. This subject, and a few others are the ones he was interested in either taking AP or CLEP for college credit.]

Basic Resources:

Trail Guide to World Geography [Skipping US & Canada which he knows already]
Geography Through Art
Uncle Josh's maps
CIA World Factbook [online]
Physical Geography: A Self-Teaching Guide [these guides are recommended in the Well-Trained Mind--he will also have the one for Biology]
World Regional Geography [college textbook that covers all that's in the AP test very well--got it at the Salvation Army near the campus for $1.50--retail is $95.00!!!]

Note: Many of these titles are "gritty" and have profane language. I'm picking books that appeal to my son. You may not approve of some of these titles for the language or some content. If in doubt, review the materials carefully yourself.

Reading List: (Some of these are for Literature)
Folk Tales from various countries
Brendan Voyage [This one is a "maybe"]
Death in the Afternoon
Village of Waiting
Walking the Bible
Poisonwood Bible [We will listen to this]
King Solomon's Mines
Cry the Beloved Country
Kaffir Boy [We will listen to either Cry or Kaffir Boy]
Great Railway Bazaar
River Town: Two Years on the Yangteze
Red Earth, Blue Sky
Kon Tiki [Young Person's edition]
The River of Doubt [maybe audio]
Around the World in 80 Days [we will listen to this]

Michael Palin's Pole to Pole, Around the World in 80 Days & Full Circle
A few Rick Steves [P does not like him!! lol]
Lonely Planet episodes
Other tv/movies as desired.
We hope to watch some foreign films (with subtitles)

World Art/Music:
On the web and watch for cultural events at the universities or museums near us.

Maori Tattoos!!
World Graffiti!
Popular culture!

Lots of ethnic food--at home and at restaurants. I am not buying the cookbook in Barb's recommendations because I have a huge collection of international cookbooks and we live close enough to two cities with many unique restaurants.

Strewing books, National Geographic, travel magazines, maps etc. NPR/PRI/BBC stories on the various broadcasts or from the web.

How the course will work for us: Daily reading (Monday--Thursday) from the reading list, weekly from the text and self-teaching guide. Written or oral or drawing narrations from the reading list books, with one essay per term. 1-3 short reports on something related to a country [person, event, work of art, etc]. Quiz over various vocabulary associated with human and physical geography. Mapping quiz over selected countries or regions. Neat notebook with written work, reading notes [a skill to master] and narrations, maps, and photos/scans or art projects. Final test over the AP material and practice test from the College Board.

Later on I will post plans for our other subjects.

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Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

This looks great! I wish I could have had your plan when I was making my plans last year. :)

We loved listening to Around the World in Eighty of our favorite audio books last year.

The Geo through Art book was a huge jumping off spot for us to do more research. You will enjoy it.

Thanks for sharing your plans!