Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What we've been watching and reading

We've been watching.....
Watch this! That's all I will say. Just do it!

You may NEVER hear me say this [well, read me saying this!] but this was so much better than the Julie & Julia book!! B and I LOVED this--so did my Mom. A 3 generation chick-flick! Best of all no overly-graphic "bedroom" scenes Better even than that, the "old" couple was still "interested" in each other--unlike most movies where only size 0 20-something girls and their unshaven guys can be "interested" in each other. That said, if I had to choose I'd still pick My Life in France even over the movie of Julie & Julia.

P devoured this one and has moved on to the next Daniel X book. Nice to be able to describe him reading in this way!! For school, in addition to Great Expectations [Dickens] he has one of my all-time favorite Young Adult books--Lord of the Nutcracker Men. He's drawing narrations from this one and I hope some are worth being posted here.

In the annuals of"just what a teen will do to keep possession of a cell phone" B has been reading--by force, but reading. She has only Farmer Boy to go in the Little House books, having skipped it several times. Last night she finished
She found a fragment [happily the first part] of our torn up [thanks cat!] copy of Farmer Boy and started it, then decided to wait for a full copy and to finish her "school" book [i.e. read at silent reading time, but she's enjoying it and bringing it home, too]

The Gypsy Game is holding her attention just as well as the author's Egypt Game did last year!

As for me, I'm listening to:

The final installment [so far] of Alexander McCall Smith's Scotland series--the World According to Bertie. I'm hopelessly addicted to the audio books in this series and in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series! They make the evening drive home so much nicer!

I'm finishing tonight:

Sisters, is a non-fiction book, but so engaging! These are the kind of women I'd love to know!

I gave up on both the new multi-generational family saga Roses [right, rich southern guy in the early 19th century becomes a Marxist. Yep, I'm believin that! NOT!] and ditto the Devil in the Junior League.

I have been slowly, in true Charlotte Mason-style, savoring every word of My Antonia by Willa Cather.

Finally, next up is The Postmistress....


Becky said...

I wasn't sure but thought that this might make for an interesting discussion with your son.

Hopewell said...

WOW!! THANK YOU--that is amazing. And, boy do I so know those "role plays"--we did them for years and still do occasionally. Low IQ is not a concern here, but somehow with super high IQ someone got 0 ability to tell good folks from bad!!! Thanks!

Leonie said...

We started watching Julie and Julia the other night..haven't finished it yet..tho I saw it at the cinema. Love the book!! based on her blog.

Want to see The Debaters and very interested in the book The Sisters.

Susan said...

Very interesting! I love that you enjoyed the movie more than the book on J&J (although I've done neither, they do sound good). Little House books are my fave, and I too remember skipping FB as a child :) You show The First Four Years, which always struck me as pretty sad. And darn, now I forget the other thing I was going to say ... anyway, I love these book posts.
I enjoyed your early computer memories at my place, too - honestly, I can't remember the name of my computer prof. He made way too little impression on me! :(