Monday, January 04, 2010

Must Read Book of 2010

Each year I've tried to pick a book to recommend to all the readers [both of you, that is!] of this blog! This year I had a very, very tough time.

A great list! I simply cannot narrow it down this year--so read any of them, or even ALL of them, ok?? They're great! I recommend Lynn Redgrave reading INKHEART over reading it to yourself. She's just super! The Penderwicks should be on every kids list of books to read this year! Calpurnia Tate is such a great girl--I just loved her! The Horse Boy gives us a different lense to view autism and scientific medicine. Three Cups of Tea makes you WANT to go out and do good. Columbine--tough to read since it's pretty grisly, but still so compelling.

So--YOU pick the Must Read Book of 2010 from this list. Then come back, after you read it, and tell me abou it--ok?

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