Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hopewell's Christmas to-do list


  1. Get the Easter grass out of the napkin basket.
  2. Put away all the cookbooks sitting on the fireplace hearth.
  3. Make the chocolate chip cookie truffles promised to P last year. [Better yet make them WITH him]
  4. Pet the cats.
  5. Listen to B's junior high drama.
  6. Put away light-up pumpkins.
  7. Move Cassie and Cali's living room bed, I mean, put the printer box somewhere else!
  8. Curse the post office for failing to deliver my Christmas Bonus check in time to USE it.
  9. Discover fascinating Christmas dinner that can be made out of the canned corn, pork steaks and mung beans on hand....as opposed to the Filet, Shrimp Scampi and Cheesecake planned when still hope of said Bonus arriving on time.
  10. Put beach towels and pool bag somewhere.
  11. Have some carrots with salad dressing dip.
  12. Scratch Cali's ears.
  13. Remember to be grateful for my job when others are losing theirs.
  14. Make P and Cali stop playing tag on the kitchen table [well..CALI is on the table]
  15. Ask doctor just HOW high bloood pressure can go if I DO have some wine.....
  16. Mix up bean soup for sil's Christmas to get even for the used green glass ball ornaments gift last year.
  17. Wrap super-cute doggie slippers for great-nephew's 2nd Christmas.
  18. Look for photo album with cute picture of g-nephew's Mommy's 2nd Christmas.
  19. Sparklers? And P hasn't taken them to school? Slip them deep into the trash N.O.W.
  20. Check mail in case miracle happens and bonus check is here after 1 day in the US MAIL hahahaha
  21. Persuade Cruiser it is not, in fact, time to fill her food bowl.
  22. Consider kawanza for next year--sounds easier.
  23. Put Mr. Turkey centerpiece somewhere else.
  24. When did we wash sheets last? Ewwwww....strip beds--N.O.W.
  25. Make tacos for B who's been good.
  26. Wonder what Michelle Duggar serves for Christmas...not that she actually has to cook it.
  27. Make P eat the tacos instead of the meatloaf he wants cause he hasn't been....
  28. [Did I just say that out loud?]
  29. Hug Candy Cane and listen to her purr.
  30. THAT'S what smelled funny in there....ewwwww--out to the trash.
  31. Call Kaylee's Mom to see when Christmas Eve Church is.
  32. [2 hours later...]
  33. Now, where did I put the Easter baskets? Oh, right, it's Christmas....ok....
  34. STOP RIGHT THERE MISSY!!! Not ONE PAW on that tree!!!!
  35. See why toilet is making that odd noise.
  36. Wonder what Michelle Obama serves for Christmas...not that she actually has to cook it.
  37. Find the recipe for those rolls with the blue cheese for Mom and me.
  38. Why are their boxer shorts poking out from under the couch cushions?
  39. Rub Cassie's tummy.
  40. Find B an orange that doesn't look "icky"....
  41. Oh!! Kim and Aggie are on!! Well, I'll just take a break--they ALWAYS inspire me to clean at least for a few minutes.
  42. Play Blokus and ignore P cheating.
  43. Wonder what the Queen serves for Christmas...not that she has to .....
  44. Settle the teen soap opera vs cage fighting argument by watching MY show! [Do any other kids on the planet have to share a tv anymore!! I love the power! bwahahahah]
  45. Feed kittys.
  46. Now, where was I? Oh yes, Easter eggs...no...that's not right.....Flags?? Christmas!!
  47. Could the mail have come extra late due to the holiday mail??
  48. Scratch Cali's ears.
  49. Oh no! The sheets are all still wet in the washer.
  50. EWWWWWWW P dried his sneakers in the drier again!!! [Waste electricity running an empty drier full of drier sheets to kill the smell....]
  51. Pick up 19 used acne cleanser pads from bathroom floor. [w/d are in bathroom]
  52. I should make some Peppermint Bark!! Yes, let's do that.
  53. Scratch that....no CHECK...no run to Kroger.
  54. "It'll be there by Christmas" the payrolll lady said......"Don't worry" the payroll lady said.
  55. Fix second dinner of bacon, eggs and toast for P who's still hungry.
  56. Make from scratch hot chocolate for B since we're out of mix and no cash and no Kroger....
  57. Open back door for cats to sniff fresh air and poke paws at snow.
  58. Settle dispute over cage fighting vs stupid cartoon by sending younger kid to bed.
  59. Agree with Cassies crying meow's that it IS bedtime.
  60. Curse payroll lady knowing that it really isn't her fault.
  61. Make room on bed for Cruiser.
  62. Get back up to let Cali out of room.
  63. Wonder what perfect cousin is serving for Christmas, not that she'd actually cook it herself...
  64. Is that the mailman?
  65. Get up to let Candy Cane into the room
  66. Wonder what Mrs. Claus serves for Christmas and IF she actually has to cook it.
  67. Drift off to Frank Sinatra's "I love those J-I-N-G-L-E Bells...." and a warm kitty purring.

Oh well, two more days. Plenty of time. Now where did I put the Turkey placemats....or was it the Earth Day bags......


Amy said...

This is sooo funny! Have a super and Merry Christmas. Tell the kids hi for me!

Susan said...

You make me tired just reading this!! Add one more - share recipe for chocolate chip cookie truffles :)