Friday, November 13, 2009

Things Only a Mother Would Do

1. Drive to five different stores in 3 different counties to find three pairs of matching Black and Red knee socks for her 13 year old daughter and two friends to wear to school Monday.

2. Pretend to believe that 15 year old boys actually do get bug bites the size of a hickey and that the provocative [but legal] photo of the girl on his cell phone really is the one that "came with the phone."

3. Remember that any canned tuna concoction requiring 2 cans of tuna fish actually requires THREE cans and the first can goes in the kitty bowls.

Yes, I love my family--those with two feet AND those with four paws.


Jeanne said...

So was the girl on the phone the giver of the hicky then?

Hopewell said...

Jeanne: That information is strictly Top Secret, Eyes Only, no action this day short, I don't know/don't want to know/ don't actually NEED to know!!