Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holiday Planner 2009 Thanksgiving Edition by Hopewell

Holiday Planner 2009 Part I by Hopewell

October 28, 2009—nearly wreck car when favorite CCM station switches to All Christmas [secular and holy] BEFORE freakin Halloween is over!

November 5, 2009—vaugely notice there are more turkeys at Kroger’s than packs of bacon.

November 10, 2009—odd that Mom would ask me what we’re doing the weekend of November 27….hmmm….hope her cat doesn’t have to have eye drops again.

November 12, 2009…truth begins to dawn….Thanksgiving?? But we never even saw “The Great Pumpkin” or “Garfield’s Halloween”!!! How am I supposed to keep up with holidays with only teenagers and cats at home?? No Wonder Mom was asking….

Later….November 12, 2009….wonder if the kids will bother being home Thanksgiving weekend? Maybe I can sleep and read? Oh snap! What if they want their friends to come to OUR house for once?????? Oh help!! What if it’s that girl who only eats Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, or the guy who eats like a wolfhound?

Later…November 12, 2009…..darn it! That breathe in the paper bag thing never really works…..If I tell them we’re having Turkey Divan they’ll pick on someone else’s Mom? Or, what about Grandma’s “Pressed Turkey Sandwich Spread”?? Would that scare them off??

Still later….November 12, 2009…..I can do this…now….T.H.I.N.K.!!! Do we have Thanksgiving decorations? O.K…..find them and hide them before B decorates the entire house with turkeys and pilgrims! I hate the way they clash with the Easter grass that’s still in the napkin basket and last year’s Christmas cards that are still by the phone…..Must remember to put those away…..

Even later….November 12, 2009….. Turkey ala king with the “red stuff” in it. That should do the trick! And those pieces of bread toasted on the muffin pan to make little cups to hold the gloppy white stuff the ala king….yeah! That’ll do it!

Finally…..November 12, 2009 …[breathing thru my nose]…ok let’s make the list:

 Gone With the Wind
 Steel Magnolias
 The Queen
 Calendar Girls
 Vat of Mom’s Cranberry Salad
 Diet Dr. Pepper
 Chardonnay
 Warm, fuzzy slippers
 Fuzzy red blanket

Almost forgot:
 Tuna for the cats

I do so love a well-planned holiday, don’t you? Cali does...


Jeanne said...

Ho Ho Ho!!

Oops, sorry - that's the next holiday, right!!

Susan said...

Lisa, you crack me up. However it turns out, I hope you have a wonderful day. I love your attitude!