Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What we are reading and listening to right now

B is reading The Cay in her English class. She hated it at first, but now is enjoying it. I had a very spirited, if wildly inaccurate narration last night. I think she wasn't innaccurate--I was. Trying to pull together her gaps I thought maybe it was set in Krakow--not Curacao!

Haven Kimmel is around my age, grew up 20 miles from me and her Mom attended the same local University as my niece and nephew. I LOVE her work. It's about where I'm from and is written in a voice I truly "hear." This is her first "real" novel. The two others, which have huge following, are based on her life. I'm listening to The Used World in the car right now. My teaching has ramped up a lot so I haven't been reading much. I also have too many books going and can't seem to finish any of them!

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my kids mom said...

I am fairly certain that my B had to read The Cay. I didn't.