Monday, September 21, 2009

What I'm Reading and Listening to this week!

When the new CHINABERRY BOOKS catalog came this title screamed "Read me, Read me!" Being broke at the moment I found it at the library and it has started out to be wonderful!! A child naturalist who gets turned down by a MEAN OLD "shhhhh-ing" librarian [not ME, of course!] when she wants to read Darwin's Origin of the Species. Looks like a SUPER find for Nature Journalers as well as the YA audience to whom it is being markted. [Sadly, no Vampires so the YA crowd will likely ignore it.] Evolution of Calpurnia Tate.

This came from NETFLIX on THURSDAY but P dumped the mail in a weird spot so I didn't find it till Saturday morning. Aside from a very American male hairdresser, [and making Grace seem like an idiot, which may get better in time] this is EXCELLENT!! I've not been to Botswana [only as far as Zimbabwe] but it rings much truer than any African thing I've ever watched. I am a HUGE fan of the books and can't wait for the next one to come out [assuming the audiobook is "performed" by the same actress!!] so this is helping fill my Precious Ramotswe need for now!

I refuse to mention the horrible tweeny/teen series book B is dragging herself thru. Considering she ended up thinking the TWILIGHT series wasn't worth the trouble [movie was better] I can only imagine there was either 1) No other book available in the tiny school library for which the school has the AR test; 2) One of those nasty sounding girls who call and give attitide a new name when I tell them she isn't available [maybe they don't know what "available" means?] has raved about it so she "has" to read it??? P doesn't read anything. Not even when it's assigned. He just guesses and hopes for the best. Sad. Really, really sad. Getting a high grade in English is "so...." [not a word I'm repeating here].

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