Saturday, September 26, 2009

More book talk

I guess I should join a blog ring for book lovers!

Anyway, I finished and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. I wish I could get B to read it, but public school has already sucked any desire to read out of her. Don't worry, Christian Moms, about the Darwin thing. Calpurnia struggles with the book and it really doesn't make to much noise in her story. The family goes to Church, says grace, etc. I posted on someone else's blog's review of the book that it brought to mind my own childhood, struggling to like sewing as much as my Mom did. It also reminded me of B trying the cello, which I desperately love, and hating it. Calpurnia is respectful but also seethes at having to learn cooking, sewing, and other feminine arts when there are so many more interesting ways to fill her life!

Thanks to getting lost this morning trying to find the Cancer Walk without the map, I am nearly finished with

Saffron Kitchen on cd in the car. I started it a few weeks back, but put it aside for the unsatisfying Used World by Haven Kimmel. Saffron Kitchen pulled me in by the end of the first TRACK. The story is rich and fragrant, Iran and London swirl around me in complete vividness. I can see the tenderness, the harsh masculinity, the beauty. I can feel it. That's the mark of a good book. I highly recommend it.

Coming up next on audio, either of these:

And, on my nightstand [it came in at the library AFTER my "Nightstand" post...]

I tried to start reading it when I finished "Calpurnia," but couldn't. Calpurnia wouldn't let me plunge into something THAT different!

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dstb said...

Thank you for the recommendation for "The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate". I am several chapters in and I LOVE it! None of the libraries around have it on CD, so I may have to request they buy it. I have already requested they get the book.

I am going to have my boys either read or listen to it. I think the way Capurnia approaches her scientific observations and what she learns from her grandfather would be ineresting to them.

Thanks, and keep those book suggestions coming!