Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Book Reivew of a crashing disappointment

The Tea House Fire

In spite of excellent reviews and an intriguing story line, this book just didn't do it for me! Here is my review, posted at Amazon.com after only 1 1/2 discs. I will not be finishing it!

"Not only am I supposed to believe girls in 1866 NY Catholic Schools wore plaid like today, but I'm supposed to accept that the modern Priest Sexual Abuse Scandal was going on even back then. I'm not even Catholic, but this is more than I can take. Since I was stuck in the car with only this audio book for company, I gave it a little longer. Grown....If I had wanted to read the architect's blue prints of a tea house it might have been more interesting. I found myself ignoring the cd and composing my shopping list. I will not be finishing this. If as another reviewer hints there is the the seemingly mandatory exploration of sexual identity [which is NOT very likely to have occurred in the era of the story] then I know I am not wrong to slam it down and say "no more"!"

I could have added "and how in the World did a Priest being sent on such a mission get to take a child with him???" Like too many other current pieces of historical fiction this is too heavy on the "fiction" and not heavy enough on the "historical."

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