Monday, June 08, 2009

What I'm reading right now!

The Good Earth by Pearl Buck has been on my "to read" list since, oh, about 1974. Oprah featured it in her book club and since then it's nagged at me. I almost bought it at Barnes & Noble last week. Saturday B and I went to the library and there it was--in a nice little paperback on the YA book display. I grabbed it and barely set it down all weekend. I can't wait to finish it tonight! I have a huge stack by my bed to choose from when that's done. I'm still slowly reading the AO books I've mentioned in earlier reading posts too!

SIDEBAR: Pool reading--give "As Hot as it was You Ought to Thank Me" a try. The ending was a bit ragged, but otherwise it was a good read! I had it in an earlier "What We're Reading" post so I won't go over it more than that!

B has finally stalled on The Mysterious Benedict Society thanks to the Penderwicks inspiring her to write a story! (We have 1/2 a disc left on the Penderwicks.) The Penderwick family is right up there with the Melendys in my heart! (I plan to read the sequel whether B wants to or not!) I gave B Bird By Bird to read for ideas about how to get herself into her writing. Not sure if she'll ever touch it tough! Her Best Friend is officially her "editor." [You gotta love summer!! An editor!!] B gave the second TWILIGHT book back to her friend and decided to wait for the audio book from the library. Some books ARE better to listen to! P is SUPPOSED to be reading either of the Kate Morgenroth books I got him at the library. He LOVED her book JUDE. In turth, I think he is only reading what's texted to his phone!

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my kids mom said...

I loved The Good Earth!! It was a book that I wanted to shove into the hands of everyone I know and say "You HAVE to read this!" I don't know why I loved it so, but it is on my all-time favorite list. Glad you enjoyed it also!!