Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What I'm doing during while my kids are away!!

This should be a cool post about the neat stuff I've done for myself! Or the pampering time I've taken in a hot bubble bath or.....but, this is MY blog and that doesn't happen here!!! Instead, I've taught 3 nights straight, done all the pre-class prep, driven to/from the ever dull Dayton, Ohio [don't flame me if you live there--it's probably better than the way I see it!] Still, I've been enjoying another "No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" novel on cd. These make me miss Malawi--and it's hard to realize it's TWENTY YEARS ago in August that I landed there as a Peace Corps Volunteer!!

Otherwise, during the brief moments I've actually been awake at home this week I've done the following:

1. Picked up P's dirty clothes from the living room floor
2. Re-impounded his new basketball shoes in my closet pending the fall out from last weeknend [and NO, I won't be blogging about last weekend--go over to Bart's blog and you'll get the general idea, ok?]
3. Sat outside on the back step at 11 pm so my sweet little Cali-cat and her aunt, Candy Cane, could enjoy the fresh air and grass for a few precious minutes. The other two cats don't like to go out much.Cali--our wonderful little buddy!

Candy Cane--aka "Scar"--she's not found of her two little "nieces."

4. Laughed till I cried to read of the demise of J/K+8
5. Enjoyed the leftover pizza dip and breadsticks while watching one of the Williams sisters play at Wimbledon. I haven't watched tennis since the 80s.....

Tonight and Tomorrow--aka my last nights alone [till mid July] I need to:
1. Put actual sheets on the bed. I washed them Sunday and was too tired to care and still am!

[Nobody in this house to give me this nice surprise that Leonie enjoyed when she got home dead tired from a business trip.]
2. Throw out the leftovers in the fridge
3. Sit out on the back steps so Cali & Candy can be outside a little. I hate being a prisoner in my windowless office, so I do understand!


Leonie said...

Aw, I'm sad you didn't get that surprise - if I was near I would have at least brought you flowers or chocolates! But you sound like you have been very productive..and had some time to yourself, too!

Jeanne said...

Aww, I want to bring you pressies too, but most of all, I'd bring a hug. If I were nearer, that is. Which I'm not. So call this a virtual hug from me, okay.

Get out a jigsaw! A hard one! Chill girl, chill. More pizza and a glass of wine would be good too...

Take care.

PS Found a good Church yet?

Hopewell said...

You girls just plain rock! Virtual hugs and presents accepted gratefully!

Actually, I nearly did start B's dolphin-shaped 1000 piece jigsaw, but figured she'd be really ticked-off if I did it without her!! I did have a glass of wine & homemade guacamole last