Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Strange version of maturity

P is assigned the lawn mowing. He's almost 15 and much stronger than his size would have you believe. He hates it. He hates grandma for buying us a push mower. For buying THAT push mower. He wants, no he deserves, a lawn tractor. A yard of almost an acre is too much for a guy who is cruising looking for one of those teen fight clubs to join and prove his machismo. B solved the fight this week. He mouthed off once to many times so she said "So what, I have to clean MOM'S room." A look of sympathy flashed briefly thru the hate-filled eyes. My room is mostly "store room" in our little house. It's usually a day-long job. I NEVER, EVER assign it to anyone but myself. I watched her dawdle and grump about starting. He....amazingly....headed outside. I heard the mower. The yard ....GOT MOWED....my room was AMAZINGLY neat. I asked her why she did it. "So he'd shut up."

"Tolerate the insanity," was a comment at Cindy's blog. I understand it. P won't do his chores unless everyone else works at the same time. No matter if we've done all of ours, not bothering to waste hours trying to wear someone else down into letting us off. No, this rule does not apply to homework--which he only does in "learning lab" at school since it's too much to ask that he bring any home. Lately, he's been pushing and pushing with the "you punish me, I punish you thing." Example: I remind him AGAIN that he is not to destroy [his word "fix"]a t-shirt into a sleeveless "thing" with no side seams. Especially not a still-like new American Eagle tshirt. Since I "dared" to bring this up "again" he responded by refusing to eat his dinner and complaining about it to a friend on the phone in front of me. I ignore it--"tolerate the insanity." This goes in cycles. What triggers the cycle? Mostly transitions--like,yep, you guessed it, the end of the school year. He won't have friends all day [actually he WILL since they'll all be at the pool]. 6 years of this insanity this weekend. 6 years of just thinking I understand and he morphs it all into a a slightly different creature.

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