Friday, November 02, 2007

Wow!! Perfect Maddness Post follow up & My DREAM blog

I've been blogging here and at my bloglines site since August 2005--I've never written anything that got more than a token comment. Seems both the posted comments and a few emailers really had something to say about all this! I'm in awe that you took time to read it comment!!

Blogging on Blogger alone is a challenge. Blogging on blogger via dial up is even worse!! If I had time to learn HTML [ok I'm so domb--do you do this in Frontpage or some mystery program??] and learn how it goes with blogging!! I'd love to have a cool site with a nifty graphic, an on-going reading list, polls, links to my Scrapbook Pages that I want to post somewhere when I have time and a digital camera, I'd love to ad artwork and properly link to other pages--not the messy way I do now. I'd like to link to music and video and all that cool stuff. I'd create and give out little awards, match up gift swaps and show my Goodwill finds!! hahahahah [Ok that bit wasn't serious!] I'd love to have recipes up for my weekly menu--just point, click, recipe! Alas, I work, take care of the kids, cats, dogs, drive all over God's Green Earth to take kids hither and thither, cook nearly everything we eat from scratch, clean up after aging Dog, ignore housework, do my weekly scrapbook page [or two or three]and take time to read books and blogs and to marvel at the whole realm of shopping at Walgreens that I never realized existed!!!! I thought you just ran in there for a bottle of Diet Dr Pepper since the drive thrus never have it! I love blogs. A friend and I were talking about boring days at work before blogs--what did we do. Catch up the filing.....and get busted for talking on the phone or for hiding books or magazines in our pencil drawers [back when desks had such things!!!]

If you are a blog-designing genius who works for hand knit dishcloths or a nifty homesewn set of cloth napkins email me! I could use your help!

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